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i didn’t expect to feel anything for liam dunbar but then they made him the secretary of the scott mccall fanclub under president stiles stilinski and vice president derek hale and that’s really fucking important to me

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god bless people who talk to you first they deserve the world

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I can’t stop making these.

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Jordan Parrish, Lydia Martin, & Stiles Stilinski 4x06 Orphaned

THE MAZE RUNNER - Official Trailer #2

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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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(Part 1)

"Mal- Draco?"
"Managed to keep yourself alive again Granger?" he didn’t turn around but she could see his knuckles turning white as the gripped the fence. 
"Andromeda says you’re talking about leaving." She replied quietly, "I don’t understand, people are finally warming up to you around here and now you want to leave?"
"No Granger, I want to fight! I want to go on these raids just like all the others in this damn place!" he shouted, his voice disturbing the birds resting in the trees.
"I told you it’s too dangerous, if the death eaters see you they’ll all attack you at once and-"
"I don’t care! He killed my parents, Granger!"
"All the more reason you should honour their memory and keep yourself alive, it’s self preservation what Slytherins are all about?" 
"That and revenge," he turned his head slightly, taking in her grimy appearance out of the corner of her eye, "look, I know you think you have some obligation to look out for me since you’re the one who brought me here but… I can’t just sit here day after day while you’re off fighting Merlin knows who. I need to do this. So, either you let me fight with you or I leave and find the death eaters myself."
She paused for a moment, wondering how she ever managed to get herself into this situation, trying to prevent her once enemy from getting killed.

"Then I guess you’ll fight with me."

Draco Malfoy Week
          Day 2: Favourite Relationship.

you changed your icon again!


get over it sadie smh

Do you guys see what I have to deal with?

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teen wolf throughout season four (part one)

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 Dylan O’Brienwinner of Breakthrough Actor Award, speaks onstage at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

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Interviewer: I’m so excited to meet you! Captain Hook is probably my favorite character, don’t tell anybody. (x)

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leo is chasing after that jack nicholson aesthetic like his life depends on it

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